The new

Welcome to the all new Over the past few months we have completly re-built the site from the ground up. While behind the scenes we are now built on top of a brand new CMS the really exciting stuff is on the front-end. Over the past few years we have been watching the number of visitors to our site from mobile and tablets grow so we are excited to now offer a fully responsive website. This means that depending on what device you use to visit the site it will automatically reposition the content to fit the devices screen making the site much easier to navigate while at the same time providing a familiar user experience.

Important note to members of the old site

As part of the switch we have changed the way passwords are stored so all members will need to re-register for the site.

To do this please follow the directions below.

  1. click the register link at the top of the page
  2. fill out the sign up form. Note that your email address and password are now what you will use to log into the site. The username will only be used when you leave comments on stories it is your public name on the site.
  3. Check your email. Our system will send you a verification email with a link in it.
  4. click the link in the email (if the link is not clickable please copy and paste the entire link into the browsers address bar)
  5. sign in with your email and password and you should be ready to roll

Online edition

The online edition sign-up process has also changed a bit you will now only need you subscriber number in order to read the online pdf.

  1. Register for the new website by following the instructions above. Once you are logged in continue below.
  2. in the left menu click on the Online Edition link
  3. On the right side of the page you will see a box titled Editions click the Add/Edit Subscription link in this box
  4. enter your subscriber number in the box. This will add your subscription to the box on the right side of the page
  5. click on the edition in the box you would like to read and you will see links to the last five papers for that edition