Array of Options in Mashpee for Fitness Resolutions

Cross Fit Cape Cod

With a half-dozen fitness centers and gyms in Mashpee, it’s a buyer’s market for residents shopping for a facility where they can meet their New Year’s resolution health and weight-loss goals. To lure the newcomers, many of the businesses are offering significant promotional deals to get them in the door and working out this month.

Before accepting those discounted memberships, Dr. Stephanie S. Prior of the Community Health Center of Cape Cod in Mashpee, has a warning. She advises that starting a rigorous workout regimen when a person has otherwise been sedentary may not be the best idea without getting the go-ahead from a physician. Dr. Prior suggests that those with existing medical conditions or who are over 40 years of age should check with their doctor before “going gung ho” with a workout program.

“We all want our patients to make healthy changes, but a check-up will also allow us to test for other problems we may need to address before they can safely exercise,” Dr. Prior said, adding that it is also important for workout novices to set reasonable goals with their doctor so that they do not become discouraged, and quickly abandon their resolutions.

CrossFit Cape Cod, which recently moved to a larger facility on Industrial Drive complete with a rock-climbing wall and shower rooms, offers perhaps the most disciplined workout in town. It has been known as a fitness program for elite athletes. Mark Lee, who, along with his wife, Sarah, owns the business, said that presumption is a bit misleading. “There’s a real misconception that people need to get in shape before they start a CrossFit program. It’s not just for Navy Seals, but for everybody,” he said.

On Tuesday morning, there was a grandfather in his 60s, a working mother in her 30s, and a teenager all working out at the same time at CrossFit Cape Cod. A nutrition challenge program is also set to start this month at the facility.

“The workout is designed for individual needs, and not just elite athletes. The CrossFit workout becomes a sport vs. exercise routine, and our group classes promote a sense of community,” Ms. Lee said.

Monthly membership is $150, but CrossFit is offering three free classes for those who would like to try the program.

“The more active you are in general, the better off you are. The sitting we do most of our day is killing us. The gym helps, but it is not enough,” Dr. Prior said.

Anytime Fitness, a more traditional gym at Deer Crossing, offers members 24 hours per day, seven days per week access to the facility and is also offering a deal for new clients.  Karyn M. Menard, manager of Anytime Fitness, said that new members who register on January 7, 8, and 9 can join the club for $14, as well as purchase a 21-day personal training program for $49. In addition, the membership can be used at any one of the 2,300 Anytime Fitness facilities worldwide.

Work Out World (WOW), on Route 28 near the Barnstable town line, is offering a discounted gold membership joiner’s fee of $10—it is usually $59, and a platinum membership, which includes babysitting, tanning, group classes and guest privileges for $5, as opposed to the usual $99 fee. After the initial joiner’s fee, the monthly charge for a gold membership is $10, and the monthly charge for a platinum membership is $19.


“During the last few days, we have seen a new spike in membership, which is foreshadowing what we will see this month,” Collin S. Smith, WOW manager, said.

The Fitness Company, which has a women’s-only facility on Route 130 in Mashpee and a coed gym in Falmouth, has a “30 days for 30 dollars” trial membership that it is offering during the month of January. The deal also includes two complimentary training classes.

Meredith L. Nixon, owner of The Fitness Company, hopes that those who join as the result of a New Year’s resolution actually stick with the program. “They need to acknowledge it as a lifestyle change. Set and meet small goals, and stick with a plan. That’s why we have trainers—to help make your goals realistic. Motivation comes from accomplishment,” she said.

Dr. Prior echoes Ms. Nixon’s sentiments about realistic goal-setting. “Start off gradually,” she said, adding that people need to build more exercise into their lives in general. She cited parking farther away from where you need to go, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, and, in good weather, biking instead of driving a car.

“The more active you are in general, the better off you are. The sitting we do most of our day is killing us. The gym helps, but it is not enough,” Dr. Prior said.


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