Former Mashpee Resident A White Pride Activist

Kyle Hunt, as pictured in the Mashpee High School Class of 2002 Yearbook. - Kyle Hunt, as pictured in the Mashpee High School Class of 2002 Yearbook.

Mashpee residents, community leaders, and alumni of the town’s high school have expressed shock upon learning that a global pro-white movement leader is one of their own.

Kyle Hunt, 30, a 2002 graduate of Mashpee High School, has been identified as the force behind last weekend’s worldwide “White Man March” event.

A profile of Mr. Hunt appeared in a blog entry on the website of the Village Voice, a New York City-based alternative weekly newspaper and website, on Wednesday last week.


On the White Man March website, Mr. Hunt wrote that the purpose of the march is to spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that “white people are united in their love for their race and their opposition to its destruction.” 

The main message of the organization is “diversity = white genocide.” 

“We will also be showing that the old stereotypes about pro-white activists are false. The media would like our people to believe that pro-whites are all Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, and the like, which discourages many white people from becoming advocates for their own interests. We will be showing that many pro-whites are well-educated, attractive, and respectable people who are concerned about the future they and their families are facing. We encourage people to carry themselves with dignity, pride, and professionalism when demonstrating for their race,” Mr. Hunt wrote.

He also claims that whites are the victims of rape, home invasion, murder, and other violence from non-whites, and that whites fund the housing, healthcare, schooling, food stamps, and “booming” birth rates of non-whites.

The website indicates that the marches will occur on a monthly basis through 2014.

Mr. Hunt also hosts a weekly radio show “The Blitzkrieg Broadcast” on Renegade Broadcasting, an online radio station. Recent broadcasts have focused on topics ranging from an interview with the director of “The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax,” a documentary film claiming that the Holocaust never happened, and “Turning the Tide Against the Enemy,” a discussion in which the goal was to “raise white consciousness to a higher level.”

In the Mashpee High School Class of 2002 yearbook, Mr. Hunt was named “Most Likely to Succeed” and one of two students having the “Most School Spirit.” He was the class valedictorian, co-chairman of the school council, and the student representative to the Mashpee School Committee. He also played on the football, lacrosse, and track and field teams.

“Kyle was a very high-achieving student, and was instrumental in the establishment of a lacrosse program at Mashpee High School. I haven’t had any contact with Kyle for many years. I am very disappointed that he would be involved in this type of hate speech,” said Mashpee school superintendent Brian A. Hyde, who also served as the Class of 2002 advisor.

Former Mashpee selectman Theresa M. Cook was a school committee member when Mr. Hunt was the student representative to the committee.

“Kyle was the epitome of clean-cut All-American guy. He was an athlete, scholar, and was extremely tolerant. He always had a lot to offer to the school committee. Should this prove to be true, I would be shocked,” Ms. Cook said.

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According to information in his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Hunt graduated from Amherst College in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theater and dance. His professional experience includes several positions with high technology companies, including Google, in the Silicon Valley of northern California.  The profile also indicates that Mr. Hunt served as a research intern at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole during his senior year of high school.

Since last Thursday, attempts to contact Mr. Hunt via phone and e-mail have not been returned.

It is unclear whether he is still living in town, although over the weekend the South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action group listed a possible Mashpee address for Mr. Hunt on its homepage.


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  • Jennifer T

    I really don't understand why people are so "shocked". Why is it so "shocking" to have a white man speak out against the destruction of his race? Why is that every other race can have pride in themselves but the minute a white person does he's a racist, Nazi, bigot, klansmen? Why don't you do an actual interview with this gentleman and get his take on things? Why is it so wrong to be pro-white? I support this man in his efforts. He has the courage to say what many are thinking, but are too afraid to say. For those of you that have your heads buried in the sand, maybe this two minute video will wake you from your slumber. Our people are being targeted for violence, and collectively punished. Do you want your white children to have a future? Or are you just going to pretend this isn't happening because you're afraid of being called names? If you STILL don't see what is so blatantly and obviously going on, here is a video of black men speaking about white genocide. They can see it. Why can't you?
  • S Whalen

    Wow, what a bunch of Anti-White stalkers. The people behind this article are nothing but a knock-out gang in coats and ties. Thanks to these hippy generation teachers for trying to put the final nail in the coffin of your white students future. This man has a heck of a good point, why IS the "diversity" agenda ONLY directed at White countries? Seems to me, when the Chinese tried to force assimilate Tibet, it was immediately labeled Genocide. Kyle Hunt is Pro-White, not Anti-White, and for that you publicly condemn him, to save your own self-hating, sell-out, traitor hides. Anti-Whites are pathetic. Stop White Genocide.
  • Jeff D

    If Kyle was black or Hispanic and he was promoting his group interest through the NAACP , or La Raza (which means the race) You guys at the enterprise would be rolling out the red carpet for him. There is no doubt since the 1965 immigration act ( which was sponsored by cape cods Edward Kennedy) We have had a drop in the white population in the United States from 90% in 1960 to 66% in 2014 . Is it racist to bring up that fact? As European Americans concerned about non white immigration in there nations that there fore fathers came from, in England , France , Sweden , Germany , Ireland , Italy Greece, etc... Which is up to 25% non native. Why is the native people of those European countries be flooded with non white immigrants? Is it racist to be concerned about the displacement of your kin? And why is it wrong to promote your racial group interest if your white? Does white people have a right to exist?
  • seapeaMP

    "Diversity" is a code word for White GENOCIDE.
  • Johnny Mantraseed

    This article is naught but an insidious hit piece. Is THIS how capenews(dot)net (and, by extension, its editorial staff) chooses to treat its residents, alumni, and fellow citizens? Shame on you. Shame on all of you. Despite your smears, Mr. Hunt seems like quite the Renaissance Man. Valedictorian. Admired and appreciated by his classmates. Excelled in numerous sports. Went to a solid college. Proficient in everything from technology to theater. Ex-Google employee ... and the list goes on. However, he has committed the Unpardonable Sin of this society ... he has pointed his finger at the Emperor of Political Correctness and stated, "Why, he has no clothes!", via standing up for European-American, White interests. This website would never, in a thousand years, publish a hit piece on a Mestizo man for participating in La Raza, or a Black man for participating in the NAACP, the New Black Panther Party, or any of the other multiple pro-Black groups. However, because he is White, and standing for White interests, you immediately smear him, denigrate him, and act as if he is an embarrassment to your city. I can only conclude that capenews(dot)net is anti-White. Furthermore, good journalism would have given a synopsis of his position on why, in fact, White Genocide is occurring. You could have summarized that in one paragraph. You could have mentioned the massive immigration to White countries, and the forced assimilation that takes place in White countries. You could have cited the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. You could have given salient quotes from Raphael Lemkin, who coined the word "genocide". Mr Hunt has a reasoned, hard-hitting argument that draws on all of these historical and legal precedents. However, you chose not to do that, because you are anti-White. This article should be retracted ... posthaste.
  • James K

    I love Kyle. Standing up for White people is very unpopular these days. I think he has a lot of courage and I'm not surprised to find out he was such an outstanding student. I would be so proud if he was from my town.
  • Zackary Harbinger

    I absolutely agree with James K. All of the information contained in this article makes me admire this young activist all the more so. Despite good points being made by Johnny Mantraseed, this piece should NOT be retracted. Please DO keep it here so that everyone can see how much of ordinary (or rather, extraordinary), exemplary, upstanding, and intelligent individual Kyle really is. Thank you, CapeNews, for shedding light on this greatly admirable and highly honorable young man!
  • Zackary Harbinger much of an* ordinary...
  • SecondCitySaint7481

    WOW..look at all Kyle had accomplished as per this write up. He has done a lot of good things. But they don't mean ANYTHING the second he stops supporting policies that will eventually end with the Genocide of the his race...The White Race. If Kyle came out two weeks ago and said "I support open borders in America" you probably would have praised him, but because he takes a stand for unborn White CHILDREN you demonize Anti White of you. You need to take a good hard look at yourselves and realize that by bashing Kyle you are holding unborn White children responsible for crimes that happened hundreds of years ago and thousands of miles away. You are proponents for the world's largest genocide in recorded history...holding people accountable for crimes they weren't even alive to commit. Shame on you all.
  • JimmyMarr

    A lad once known as Mashpee's pride has thrown down the gauntlet on White genocide You better stand with him and better not dis' him 'cause sooner or later, he'll turn this tide.
  • JimmyMarr

    A lad once known as Mashpee's pride has thrown down the gauntlet on White genocide You better stand with him and better not dis' him 'cause sooner or later, he'll turn this tide.
  • Dresden Deutsche

    After my independent investigations of what Mr. Kyle Hunt is exposing, i have found it to be glaringly obvious! Anti-Whites have Cognitive Dissonance. I was given an Excellent Education as a child, while excelling in 12 years of Catholic School. We learned the Trivium, which teaches you how to think & not what to think. The international Communist developed there Political Correctness Cult of Propaganda at the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism. When Understanding these Facts, you Clearly can See how this Anti-White Collusion Works, to Destroy White Ethnic Cultures. When Examining the Evidence with Critical Thinking Skills you Recognize all the Contradictions/Hypocrisy these Anti-Whites regurgitate. Anti-Whites use a plethora Logical Fallacies to try and discredit honest research. Check out this tremendous article. "Destroying The Anti-White Arguments"
  • Native local

    Judging from the other comments, it appears The Enterprise managed to get linked to the Stormfront site.