Knife-Carrying Student Arrested At Mashpee High School

Mashpee Police Chief Rodney C. Collins confirmed today that a Mashpee High School student was arrested Monday morning after he was found to be in possession of a knife.

According to Chief Collins, the Mashpee School Resource Officer was informed that a student may be “packing” a weapon, and that he was having an issue with another student.


Initially, there was concern that the student may have been carrying a firearm, so the school resource officer brought him to an isolated area, where a knife was confiscated. The student then reportedly became belligerent, kicking doors, and screaming profanities at the officer.

He was taken from the school, brought to the Mashpee Police Department and released to the care of a guardian.

He will be charged with disturbing a school or assembly.

Chief Collins declined to comment further on the matter.


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