Mashpee Man Set To Enter State Senate Race


Mashpee resident Allen R. Waters says that he has collected the required number of certified signatures to launch a state senate campaign to unseat Senator Daniel A. Wolf (D-Harwich) come November.

During an interview at Mashpee Commons on Wednesday, Mr. Waters, 58, a Republican, said he expects to formally launch his campaign later this month. At that time, he will detail his campaign platform and infrastructure, although he did confirm that last week he hired Clay Evans as his campaign manager.

Mr. Evans is currently the vice chairman of the Saugus Republican Town Committee, and previously served as senior e-commerce customer support representative for Romney for President, Inc.

Mr. Waters, a Providence native, has been a Mashpee resident since 2005. A financial professional by trade, he has served as branch manager for the brokerage firm Charles Schwab in Baltimore and most recently worked nine years for TIAA-CREF, a retirement financial services provider for employees in the academic, research, medical, and cultural fields. He is currently unemployed.

Mr. Waters is hoping that his middle class, Cape Cod Everyman status will stand in sharp contrast to Sen. Wolf’s wealthy businessman persona. “I’m a third-generation Rhode Islander, whose father was a Providence policeman and US Army Ranger. My father was the first African-American to fight in active combat as an Army ranger. I’m just a middle class guy struggling like the rest of us. Even when I was working a full-time, 60-to-70-hour job, I needed to have a part-time job to make ends meet on the Cape. I can relate to people,” he said.


Only a member of the Republican party since last summer—he was previously an Independent but “never a Democrat”—Mr. Waters considers himself a Republican first and a black Republican second, even though he is very concerned that he has not seen the type of progress for the black community that he would have liked to have seen during the past three presidential administrations.

“There are still too many African-Americans and other minorities struggling in this country,” he said.

Mr. Waters views Sen. Wolf as being vulnerable for defeat in the upcoming election, citing revelations unveiled about the senator during a State Ethics Commission investigation during his aborted run for governor of Massachusetts.

“I like my chances. He has a lot more money to spend on a campaign than I do, and I’m relatively unknown. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a good senator or representative of the people of Cape Cod,” he said.

It may not be clear sailing to the November final election for Mr. Waters, though, as he may have to face a potential primary race with longtime Barnstable County political activist Ronald Beaty. “That’s what I hear,” Mr. Waters said.

Mr. Waters lives in Mashpee with wife, Jocelyn McCree, and three children: Corrinne, 9; Alana 8; and Justin, 7. His children currently attend Falmouth Public Schools, but previously attended Cape Cod Academy in Osterville.

When asked why his children do not attend Mashpee Public Schools, he said that he wanted his children to attend a more high-performing school district with higher test scores.

“I’m watching Mashpee schools to see how they do in the turnaround effort. I am a fan of the school system and its leadership and am hoping for the best,” Mr. Waters said.


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  • ronbeaty

    Allen seems like a very nice man. Good luck to him in his Republican candidacy for the Cape and Islands District State Senate seat.
  • ronbeaty

    At this point in time, however, Allen is NOT alone in this endeavor...