Mashpee Planning Board Member Goes on Another E-Mail Rant

For the second time in six months, elected Mashpee Planning Board member Joseph E. Mullin has sent a barrage of angry late night e-mail messages to town, county, and state officials, this time extending his rage all the way to Beacon Hill and Governor Deval L. Patrick.

On Wednesday evening and into Thursday morning, from 10:12 PM to 12:17 AM, Mr. Mullin sent six “reply all” messages responding to a  planning board meeting e-mail, adding recipients—including the governor—throughout the evening.

The initial e-mail was a response to a planning board greenway meeting scheduled for Saturday, January 4.

“Why would we hold a meeting on a Saturday, especially after a holiday? That is stupid. This board disgusts me,” Mr. Mullin wrote. Mr. Mullin has not attended a planning board meeting in months.

The vitriol in the next message was targeted toward Mashpee town manager Joyce M. Mason, calling for her firing, writing “Good luck if things don’t work out here in Mashpee. You’ll find something elsewhere.” Despite never having met Ms. Mason, he also called for her termination during his last e-mail tirade in June.

The next set of messages took on an increasingly bizarre tone with racial and religious overtones and a thinly veiled reference to President Barack H. Obama and were sent directly to the governor.

“Address this to the Governor, his Honor:

And just to contribute more to the record in my capacity as an elected member to the Mashpee planning board, Governor Patrick is the worst governor any state in this country had ever had. He is a tone deaf individual stuck at sweat pea farm. Yes governor. Sweat pea. I meant that.You ruined this Commonwealth and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your policies, and lack there of, are terrible. And your demeaning and degrading ribbon cutting ceremony. I hope to be the man who cuts the ribbon at the ceremony on your last day in office. And that is not rhetoric, you piece of rubbish, garbage and, well, much more. You are a tone deaf piece of rubbish. You and your family are useless rhetoric. Your wife should be ashamed to lie down with you each night. And to Mrs. Patrick I know you are right. I am sorry you had to marry him. The funny thing is, I know what your reply will be to this on paper. But I know what you’ll be saying to your own. At least I’m a man. You ruined this Commonwealth, and your child hood friend ruined this nation by crippling our health care system,” Mr. Mullin wrote.

You ruined this Commonwealth, and your child hood friend ruined this nation by crippling our health care system.

                Joseph Mullin

                E-mail to Gov. Deval Patrick

To cap off the evening/early morning e-mail session, he continued with the following jibe at the governor:

“And I know you say you are a proud black man, and are proud to tout your heritage. But I am a proud white man. And I’m not ashamed to say it since you said the same thing. You need to look in the mirror. Or do so real hard. You don’t have to answer to the people. You need to answer to God.”

All of the e-mail messages had the signature “Joe Mullin, Mashpee Planning Board Member.”

Planning board chairman George W. Petersen said that the board members do not support the views or opinions of Mr. Mullin, and that he has asked him to stop using planning board public announcements as a platform for his e-mail statements. “I have asked him before if he planned to resign, but I have not received a response. I would like to see an end to this,” he said.

Mashpee Police Chief Rodney C. Collins said that he was made aware of the e-mail messages on Thursday morning.

“I am in the process of reviewing the e-mails which at the very least, in my professional opinion, are very unbecoming for an elected public official,” he said.

Mr. Mullin said in a July interview that he would not run for election when his term expires in May.

In an e-mail message, Mr. Mullin said yesterday that he would prefer not to discuss the matter.

As of press time, a spokesman for Governor Patrick had not returned a call for comment.


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  • flargh

    "In an e-mail message, Mr. Mullin said yesterday that he would prefer not to discuss the matter." Tough cookies. You go nuts in public, you have to answer for your actions. I hope the Enterprise continues to press Mr. Mullin to explain his behavior. I also hope Mr. Mullin gets his meds adjusted tout de suite.