Popponesset Inn Warned About Serving Minors

The Popponesset Inn and The Lure Raw Bar have been warned by the Mashpee Board of Selectmen: serve alcohol to a minor again and it will result in severe consequences, including a liquor license suspension.

At Monday evening’s brief board meeting, Mashpee Police Chief Rodney C. Collins reported that a 19-year-old woman was served alcohol at a wedding reception at the inn on Columbus Day weekend. She reached a level of intoxication that resulted in a missing person search. The Mashpee Police, assisted by the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit, searched throughout the night and located the young woman, who was found safe, the next morning.

Additional details regarding the incident, including detective reports, witness testimony, and evidence such as text messages and other exhibits were not disclosed, as the hearing was not technically an official “public hearing,” which would have required notification to town residents through an advertisement in the newspaper.

Chief Collins, who said that he was satisfied that the establishment had received the message that serving minors would not be tolerated, recommended that the board issue a written warning to the Popponesset Inn, and order that it reimburse the police department $155.65 in overtime expenses incurred during the missing person search.

The board agreed with the punishment, but Town Manager Joyce M. Mason also made it clear that the written warning would also have to be placed on file with the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission in Boston.

Stephen J. Brennan, general manager and chief operating officer of New Seabury Properties, LLC, which owns the Popponesset Inn, attended the meeting. While he accepted the recommendation of the board, he did cite the inn’s clean record during the past 14 years, and noted that the bartenders on duty that night were in their late 40s, with one nearly 60 years of age.

“Remember, if this happens a second time, we will give you a suspension,” Selectmen Chairman John J. Cahalane told Mr. Brennan at the conclusion of the hearing.

The Popponesset Inn and The Lure Raw Bar, which fall under the same innkeeper’s liquor license, are currently closed for the season.


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