Kathleen Kerwick

Kathleen Kerwick, 54, of East Falmouth and Ireland, died August 13 in Ireland after a long battle with breast cancer.

Born in County Cork, Ireland, Ms. Kerwick was known as Kay.

She moved with her husband and son to the United States in 1990, and later became an American citizen.

Ms. Kerwick worked for many years as a personal caregiver. She also taught CCD classes at St. Anthony’s Church in East Falmouth.

She enjoyed traveling, especially her annual trips to Ireland to see her extended family. After being diagnosed with late-stage cancer, she visited Ireland one last time, where she spent her final days.

Ms. Kerwick leaves her husband, Frank Kerwick, and a son, John Kerwick, both of Falmouth.


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  • carla reads the cct

    Kate was the mother of one of my first graders and I so enjoyed knowing her. She took a trip to Ireland that year and brought me back a book of one of her favorite authors. I never forgot her kindness but remember how much I enjoyed my parent teacher conference where we both got to talking about books and authors she had loved. She was a wonderful person to know and I wondered why I had not seen her lately. I am very sorry for her loss and send love and a big hug to John, who was a wonderful student. Carla Zavorskas