A Community Divided - Letter

I have been living in Seacoast Shores some 15-plus years. Not as long as those that were born and raised here, but long enough to see a community go through its own growing pains, some good and some not so good.

Seacoast Shores is a diverse neighborhood. Many of its residents are blue collar working people like myself; i.e., laborers, shell fishermen, and retired persons on fixed incomes. Like many of the people in this community, I have come to enjoy the amenities that this peninsula has to offer. Fishing, boating and a neighborhood beach. This beach where I met and got to know many of my neighbors and their families. Some lasting friendships were made here. I even joined the Seacoast Shores Association buying into the idea of an association that worked for and belonged to all its residents. However, that is changing and in my opinion this change is not a good one. Growing pains, you might say, but let’s call it what it really is…greed and selfishness.

A few years back a group of people got together and decided Seacoast Shores was in need of a “new” clubhouse. Not just any clubhouse where all the residents of Seacoast Shores could be part of and participate in as a community. What stands now is a clubhouse that only a certain few can afford. These select few have decided that the beach and right of ways is fodder to pay for this “private club.” It is, in my opinion, time for the residents of this diverse community to stand up and take back what is rightfully theirs! A neighborhood and an association that belongs to “all” its residents and not just a “select” few.

Robert C. Moritz
Woodside Drive
East Falmouth


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