All Children Are Our Children - Letter

As a graduate of Bourne High School, I am proud and honored that Governor Patrick has offered to host the immigrant children at Camp Edwards. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life living in South America, and like these children, I went there to seek opportunity and growth. I moved to Buenos Aires to accept a promotion that would not have been offered had I stayed in the USA: a management position for a web development team. It was a desirable job, and I took it away from qualified Argentinians. I earned at least twice as much as my employees and I did not pay my fair share of taxes as most of my payroll was processed at home. I benefited from government-subsidized utilities, public transportation, and affordable public healthcare while I lived in Argentina.

I was received by the people of Argentina without question. Most of them would have given me the shirt off of their back, even if they only had one shirt and I had 20. In fact, I’ve learned in my travels that the less resources people have, the more generous they seem to be. I’ve traveled to more impoverished parts of South America only to find the generosity even more humbling.

It is shocking to return home and hear people say that we don’t have enough to share. I look at our manicured lawns, stocked refrigerators, and air-conditioned cars and ask myself: what exactly is enough?

The issues we face today are human issues. We, the people of the United States, will not survive alone. We must act in the best interest of the human race, because human problems are our problems. These children are our children, and Latin America is our backyard.

Sarah Athanas
Sherry Lane
Monument Beach


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