Appreciates Town's Health Food Stores - Letter

After shopping last week at Amber Waves, the health food and supplements store, and at Vital Nutrition, the herb and supplement specialty store, both in Falmouth, I suddenly had an awareness of what Nancy Vander Pyl, Jim Bergren, and Robert Vander Pyl, owners, and their able staffs have done for this town.

Not everybody chooses to eat healthfully and to learn how to fortify their body and mind in an age of environmental degradation and toxicity. For those who do so choose, Nancy and Jim, for 40 years, and Robert, for 15 years, have offered a breadth of knowledge, continuously developed, and carefully chosen superior products to their customers. They have remained trustworthy as they weathered economic difficulty, and maintained their commitment to helping each individual customer and their animals to lead a better life.

Markets now have health food aisles, and other Cape towns are opening new health food stores. One could say that this is the normalcy of capitalist competition. In doubting that the same quality exists in these settings, I think of gratitude and loyalty.

I am grateful to these people for what they have done, and what they continue to do. Out of gratitude comes loyalty, to forego convenience or novelty or a surface efficiency, and to remain faithful to these merchant/healers, who realized an ideal that continues to benefit us.

Eric Massey
Gifford Street


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