Ban Plastic Bags - Letter

Plastic bags are a scourge on our environment. They foul our beaches, our estuaries, our oceans, our roadsides. They raise havoc with sea life. They wave mockingly at us from trees and bushes.

Falmouth can help our environment by banning plastic bags. If not all at least the thin ones with handles used by larger retailers.

Recycling isn’t enough. In the US, 13,000,000 barrels of oil are used annually to produce plastic bags, 95 percent of which end up in landfills.

If Nantucket can do it (banned them way back in 1990), Falmouth can. Provincetown is considering it. Other Massachusetts communities have banned them. Most western European countries have banned the bag or charge for them. In Ireland, for example, the use of plastic bags declined 95 percent practically overnight once shoppers had to pay a bag fee. Many countries around the world prohibit their distribution.

Re-useable bags are readily available. Use them. Help our environment.

Donald F. Mallinson
Carriage Shop Road
East Falmouth


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