Bases No Place For Children - Letter

Lately whenever a person disagrees with a so-called progressive they are called a right winger or a Tea Party member. But when a group like Occupy Falmouth adds the word racist against the Otis Rotary protesters we are now dealing with a new type of McCarthyism. It is tough bringing up our children with the president, attorney general and the Occupy Falmouth group spewing their racist venom to win votes. We don’t need this hate in our “no room for hate” town.”

The Otis Rotary protesters were protesting allowing those who break our laws entry in this country. This is not racism. When your grandchild asks you, “Isn’t Clarence Thomas black?” after hearing on TV that Senator Harry Reid called those who voted in favor of Hobby-Lobby “six white men” or when Condoleezza Rice is not allowed to speak at a college and the Reverend Al Sharpton invents a new race (white Hispanic), we have a problem.

That’s what happens when progressives play the race card.

We teach our children to obey the laws and the Occupy Falmouth group breaks the law not once, but twice, at the Plymouth nuclear plant facilities. To add insult to injury they go before a lifetime judge appointed by a lifetime politician and, rather than enforce laws, they interpret the law according to the lifetime politician who appointed them and the occupy group gets off with a hand slap.

When I was a teen, my father sat me down for the facts of life and all he said was, “You bring a baby in this world, you are responsible the rest of your life.” I reminded him that the law in this state was 18 for women and 21 for men. He stared at me for what seemed like minutes and said, “Not in my family” and walked away. All the news I have read/heard, not one father accompanied their children during the dangerous trip to the border. Yet our president, who had the audacity to write a book praising his “deadbeat dad” who abandoned him and never supported him, now wants to hold the children until the parents who endangered their lives come to join them.

Not in my country.

The churches and temples should play a big part in taking in these children. Military bases are not the answer. I lived in them while I served my country and they are not for children. Surely we should be able to absorb them.

As for the parents of these children the government should issue arrest warrants for child abuse. Any parent trying to cash in on their children’s good luck by coming to live with them should be arrested and deported even if it means the loss of future Democrat votes.

Anthony N. Tocci
Plum Hollow Road
East Falmouth


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