Cape Cod Chamber Supports Commission

For over 90 years, the Cape Cod Chamber has viewed the Cape as a whole—one place, one economic region and one eco-system. It should come as no surprise, then, that we support regional planning and economic development and regional environmental protection.

The 1,361 Cape Cod Chamber members have told us, in our annual poll, what they feel are the most important issues in terms of job creation, tourism promotion and public policy. Year after year, the top-ranking responses are:

Protection of the natural environment

Clean beaches

Clean water

A skilled workforce

Waste water infrastructure

Health insurance premiums


We know the success of our economy is inextricably linked to the quality of our water. We know from market research, the number-one reason people choose Cape Cod as a vacation destination is clean beaches. We understand how vacationers ultimately choose to return or to live here. We understand how critical the health of our environment is to the well-being of our economy and jobs.

As a business organization, we have a real stake in what happens to the Cape’s economy—and its environment. We support the processes that will promote the most progress for Cape Cod, while also offering transparent community involvement, the best science and knowledge available, economies of scale and the most cost–effective solutions.

Today, we stand in support of the Cape Cod Commission as an effective and efficient agency by which to address our regional economic development needs and to solve our region’s real environmental issues.

We believe that seceding from the Cape Cod Commission is a very bad idea for the town and is counterproductive to the values of economic prosperity and environmental protection that we have held for 90 years.

Board of Directors
Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce


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