Comments On Beach Closing At North Side Of Mashpee Pond

So, the only beach on Mashpee-Wakeby that boats can pull up to and enjoy the lake is going to be closed because it is being enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

I wholeheartedly disagree with the chairman of the committee on his assessment of the issue. I see families with children pulling up to a nice beach and relaxing. Those who like to tube or ski head out on the boat, while those who are too young to ski swim at the beach while Mom relaxes.


I am curious as to what “late in the day” is and if fees are a concern, then the ramp should be staffed “late in the day.”

It appears that those who live here forget that the Cape makes money when visitors come to enjoy the Cape. So now the trustees are going to spend money on signs and staff to keep people off, they will need to put swim buoys out because it would be difficult to enforce a 300-foot rule without knowing where the 300-foot mark is.

Here’s a thought: have staff on the beach to educate people on keeping the beach clean for everyone to enjoy. As far as making the lake safer, instead of fewer people in a boat pulling skiers they will all have to be in the boat or wait at the ramp to swap out, creating more traffic at an already busy ramp. It appears to me that the committee has done a disservice to our visitors and our residents.

John W. Lynch Jr.
Lakewood Drive


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