Consider Repercussions

“Beware of the Commonwealth Bearing Gifts” [Troy’s take, April 4]. How true.

From my perspective as a Town Meeting member at the time, Falmouth was first baited into buying one wind turbine by the commonwealth’s promises of easy, self-generating wealth, and then switched into buying two much larger turbines.

Now we are suffering buyer’s remorse and looking for some recompense. Here comes the original seller with a new offer. I agree with Troy, “We should just plain look away from a cash deal when those strings form a noose around our own citizens.”


It is harmful to the town to blame our mistake on our victims. It is worse for citizens to grievously and repeatedly insult our victims. Let’s not destroy our community in the name of saving our municipal balance sheet.

Judith G. Stetson
Quissett Avenue
Woods Hole


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