Create Signs For Bikeway - Letter

I am sorry the young man who was trying to promote a park on the Shining Sea Bikeway for his Eagle Scout project was met with so much opposition.

I would like to suggest another project for him—creating signage for the bikeway that clearly shows how a biker should signal walkers that he is about to pass the walker. The correct signal is for the biker to call out clearly “On your left” before he gets to the walker.

A vast majority of bikers give absolutely no warning that they are about to pass a walker. The current black and white signs say something like “signal when passing walkers.” I’m sure most bikers on the bikeway have no idea how they are supposed to signal. So a few brightly colored signs showing a biker, pedestrian and the words “On Your Left” might inspire at least a few to warn those of us who are walking that we about to be passed. 

I was walking the bikeway this morning in the middle of the right lane where I was supposed to be and a biker told me to “Move over!” 

Joyce I. Keay
O’Donnell Avenue
East Falmouth


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