Different kind of truth

We are giving up fighting the Webb Notus turbine battle. It drove us from our home, harmed our health, caused me to move my business and ruined our financial future and the value of our home. Worst yet, the trust we used to have in human nature and basic compassion is gone.

But know that we are not giving up because we are wrong, lying, crazy or trying to somehow extort money, as some around town would like you to believe.

We just realize the lengths these wind developers will go to destroy us. Never have we been in the line of fire of such evil as we have with these legal maneuverings of these last few months. It is now clear that they will say and do absolutely anything to keep their big green machine turning, torturing and bringing in the bucks for as long as it takes.

So they can have their blood money and gloat in their shallow victory. But they will never be the innocent ones here.

Life is finite but valuable, both of us are more than half over in that area. We give them no more space in our life. We live the truths. Which are absolute and clear in the eyes of God and those that care enough to understand that this world is not as it should be and that lies will never become truth through repetition or warped statistical analysis.


This turbine thing has been a real life changer. Man’s ego, greed and arrogance are terrifying. And we have no answers that can override compassion, humility and the perfection of nature left to its own healing. But we will exercise our option to heal and keep telling the truth. Maybe, with a little time and space in between, we can smile and feel a little peace before our time here is through.   

Suzanne C. Hobart
Whimbrel Drive


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