Disagreeing Is Not Hating - Letter

If my friend says, “I like apples” and I reply, “I prefer oranges,” it is a simple matter of different choices. But if my friend is a liberal he will immediately begin caterwauling that apples are better, that I am an applephobic, that I do not care about all the poor people who work in the orchards growing and harvesting apples, am an anti-apple bigot, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

It seems to me that somewhere we have lost our perspective on individual choices and opinions in favor of hateful name calling and invective when someone offers a different viewpoint—it’s called “political correctness.” If you disagree with them you are a hater.

Hate is a powerful and negative word that does no good to the digestive system or blood pressure. We all need to calm down and do some thinking.

Still on the concept of apples and oranges, please let me interject some logic and rationality into the subject of illegal children, teens, adults, women and families being deployed to the Cape. (Yes, it is reported that more than 70 percent of the group are late teens and adults.) It is a given that Americans are generous and decent people and that, as a Christian nation (and we are), we follow the beliefs that we must “feed the hungry; clothe the naked; heal the sick and shelter the homeless.”No problem here. But nowhere is it written that we are obliged to condone and accept law breaking (something about rendering to Caesar). Or is it only Americans who must obey our laws? Now our president (small ‘p’ intended), in an ongoing plan to further destabilize America, is planning with leaders of Central American countries to fly thousands more illegal aliens into America to save them the trip across Mexico and the cost of the coyotes. Is it of no concern that we are draining these countries of their future? Their potential leaders, teachers, farmers, entrepreneurs?

And what about “charity begins at home?” Where are the weeping and wailing bleeding hearts in the face of thousands and thousands of American kids and families who are living in motels, automobiles and on the streets?

Or the seniors and veterans of all ages who are lacking care, are homeless or hungry and neglected by an ever-growing monster government? Where is the concern over our now $18 trillion in debt, the largest ever in world history? Why are we printing  money with nothing to back it up in an effort to keep from looming disaster while our president distributes our blood and sweat lavishly throughout the world? Why do we not have the funds to care for our own? Where is the grief and tears for the children we kill every year without a thought of what they might have contributed to our land?

Yes, it is right to help, care for, love these kids and their families. It is also right to quickly put them on planes with food, clothing, medicine and a registered nurse and fly them home.

We cannot absorb all the poor of the world or we will soon become no better than what they leave behind. Better to stop funding corrupt governments and put foreign aid into hands that will use our generosity to actually aid their people.

And one more point. I find it unjust and insulting that Representative Randy Hunt has been subjected to unwarranted criticism and unworthy epithets because he has expressed a thoughtful and reasoned stance on this matter. Hunt is a particularly fine legislator, noted for his attention to constituents and ability to view all sides of an issue. He is also the father of a large and loving family.

Obviously I am an orange. I presume we will now hear from the apples.

Patricia F. Stebbins
Easterly Drive
East Sandwich


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