Disappointed By Personal Attack

I was very disappointed and surprised to read the letter to the editor titled, “A Wish for Sandwich!” by Timothy B. Cooney last Friday. I was disappointed because of the personal attacks in the letter. I was surprised because the last communication I received from Mr. Cooney was in the fall of 2012, where he indicated, and I quote, “You guys are doing a great job!” I’m not exactly sure what changed so dramatically since then. Maybe he didn’t actually mean it, but at the time I took him at his word.


Regardless, if Mr. Cooney—or any Sandwich resident for that matter—ever has any concerns about my abilities, performance, or decision-making, I would respectfully request that he first attempt to contact me personally at Sandwich Town Hall before writing a public letter to the editor in the local newspaper. I have always been, and will continue to be, willing to meet with any resident who has a serious concern they would like to discuss. I can be reached at Sandwich Town Hall every Monday through Friday at 508-888-5144 or 508-888-4910. 

Douglas A. Lapp
Assistant Town Manager
Town of Sandwich


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