Falmouth's Drinking Water - Letter

Fireworks in the newspaper. It is the fourth of July after all, and such an appropriate time to read about our lousy drinking water again.

Fireworks went off for me to see this headline again make the news. “Potential Harm From Town Water.” So what does that mean? That if you use the water long enough, or often enough, some harm will come to those who do?

How nice. That should be right up there included in the slogan “Isn’t Falmouth Nice.”

The article is very broad and vague with respect to the amount of usage and consumption for those who drink the water. If one has been drinking the water for the past two years let’s say, have they been harmed? What about pregnant women who have, in perspective to this announcement? Have they already been harmed?

Past articles have warned us about consuming the water, this article also warns against showering with the water. I don’t think we are taking this serious enough. Have any studies been done with women who have given birth to children over the last seven to 10 years, who have lived in town or who have visited the town? Did anyone even think to do the research, or does anyone think it is necessary? You just can’t come out and make a warning like that and tell people that all we can do is “keep watching the levels”, and expect them to continue using the water.

A specific concern was made to pregnant women, but what about our pets? Granted they are just our pets and by no means as important as pregnant women who will be giving birth to another human being, but what impact does it have on them? I am sure we have had pets who passed away within the last seven to 10 years of cancer. We really don’t know what effect this questionable water quality is having on us or has had on us.

Thomas A. Collini
Sandwich Road
East Falmouth


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