Hats Off To Falmouth Lifeguards - Letter

On Sunday, July 6, my family and I visited Old Silver Beach. We are year-round residents of Hatchville. We are very familiar with the beach. My 4-year-old daughter got ahead of my husband, who was trailing her shortly behind.

It took one second and she was gone. We searched the packed beach with our friends calling out her name and could not locate her.

I went up to Emily, the lifeguard, and said, “My daughter is missing.” She sprung into action. She remained calm and collected and kept reassuring me she would be found. She radioed over to John, the other lifeguard, and before I blinked, Falmouth Police Department officers Harris and Kosicz [sic] were at the water’s edge calling everyone out of the water and started the search for my daughter. I had no idea of the protocol that is in place when you cannot locate someone; water is cleared, lot is closed, et cetera.

She was found at the top of the beach by another beachgoer who I did not get her name and want to also thank.

Kudos to the lifeguards and FPD on duty today. They did a great job and we can’t thank them enough.

Kara G. Garcia
Corrine Drive


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