‘Hospital Corner’ Open Space - Letter

I have heard, and read, about the proposed plans to have a park at the “hospital corner” of Palmer Avenue and Ter Heun Drive, and I do not think this is the best use of the property. This is a very busy corner with almost constant traffic, often including emergency vehicles. It is definitely not a safe place for pedestrians to cross. Since there certainly are benches in lovely spots along the bicycle path, I don’t think we need to add more at this location.

Having had a home in Falmouth for over 30 years, I have seen the growth and change that has taken place including the shrinking of open, green space. Falmouth has been fortunate to have kept that space undeveloped as it makes that intersection a bit more pleasant, especially with the adjacent quaint, yellow Cape home and stonewall.

Recently I have heard the phrase “Isn’t Falmouth Nice?” changed to “Wasn’t Falmouth Nice?” I believe that by leaving this property as is, it will help to make Falmouth nice once again.

Carol T. Ackland
Pond Road


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