Issue Puts Economy In Jeopardy - Letter

Falmouth seems about to house perhaps hundreds of the 57,000 recent child immigrants from Latin America. But aiding them will not solve the immigration issue facing America.

Humane internationalists celebrate the millions of uneducated illegal immigrants hoping to find a better life here. But this humanity minimizes what is best for a significant majority of America’s own citizens. Special interest groups like La Raza assure us that what is good for poor immigrants is good for the rest of Americans. But is this true?

The massive third world immigration that we face today ineluctably drives down the wages of working Americans and threatens to undermine our social safety net. Economic research on immigration is anything but favorable and proves that the net benefits to our economy as a whole from immigration are relatively small.

Many of the worst-off Americans are hurt by immigration—especially immigration from Latin America. These low-skilled immigrants threaten to unravel the safety net and cripple state funding for health care and education—an immense blow to our working class and bedraggled poor. The fact is that low-skilled immigrants don’t pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the benefits they receive.

Regretfully these millions will make it impossible for many Cape workers who do basic labor  to make a decent living and find a life of dignity. With the middle class so besieged and the machinery of American social mobility seizing up, we could be facing a dystopic future.

Frank J. Messmann
King Street


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