Joint Base Is Economic Backbone - Letter

Has Bourne town management completely lost sight of the thousands of local federal jobs and economic friction that would come to Bourne in caring for the immigrant children? Bourne could be taking a broad leadership role in the management and placement of the children all over the USA and/or back to their place of origin.

Bourne residents could be traveling all over the United States and Latin America accompanying these children to their new or old homes at federal expense? Bourne management historically has made it almost impossible for the US government to create any real federal economic friction locally, always fighting and quibbling instead of maximizing the benefits as the Town of Lincoln has done with Hanscom Joint Base. Today Lincoln is the wealthiest town in Massachusetts. Why not Bourne?

About 25 federal agencies around Bourne are providing almost all the real, well-paying jobs and income for the entire area—many thousands of jobs, not including the retirees. All are federal aspects of Joint Base Cape Cod, the canal, and Massachusetts Maritime Academy (federal ship that can double salaries of state MMA employees, federal ship contract work, and federal and foreign aide students and tuitions) are either directly or indirectly a result of federal actions. The Barnstable prison on Otis and the national cemetery are major employers with much economic friction to the area as well.

Bourne’s attitude to the current immigration crisis can easily be branded as pure racist given the economic advantages that are otherwise obvious. Private enterprise and business development has not been or ever will be a friend to the best interests of Bourne, or  Main Street Buzzards Bay. Look at what Stop & Shop has done to Bourne with dormant real estate acquisitions.

Moreover, almost all the progress and jobs on Main Street Buzzards Bay to date were from local, state, or federal government financing—the community center by the town, the post office by the US Postal Service, the water tower finance by USDA, the federal NOAA $1.5 million pump station for the National Marine Life Center, and the new Army Corps $10 million Buzzards Bay Federal Recreation Area at the Railroad Bridge.

Bourne town management must learn to work progressively with the big players, the federal and state government agencies. Bourne must not waste more time thinking about new businesses on Main Street that drain Bourne infrastructure resources and create piddling wage jobs, They will not be the salvation of Bourne.

J. Kevin Burke
Foreign Service
Officer (retired)
Studio Drive
Buzzards Bay


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