Liberals' Plan Has Succeeded - Letter

The effort of modern liberalism/socialism to turn local, state and federal government into altruistic benevolent enterprises has been remarkably successful.

One hallmark of the effort at wealth redistribution is the chant, “It’s for the children” at town meetings across the commonwealth and across the nation. The all-too-familiar war cry is now being used along with other odorous tactics locally to demonize those of us who adamantly oppose resettlement of illegal alien/immigrant children “under age 21” in the US.

As the US now prints $75 billion per month, the liberal element of the culture sees no problem that real wages have not increased since around 1979 and that the worker nonparticipation rate is at the highest level since records have been kept. The government will fix it. Right. Government caused it.

History tells us that Dwight D. Eisenhower deported millions of illegal immigrants to make work readily available for World War II vets coming home. President Barack H. Obama, in a contrary move, increases illegal immigration through both the Dream Act and other extra constitutional acts to make it more difficult to find work for returning veterans from the Mideast. Bourne is indeed fortunate to have a local executive body, the board of selectmen, willing to condemn state and federal government policy. It deserves condemnation from all of us.

The most important fact regarding illegal immigration is the word illegal. This government is complicit in this illegality. Try getting a work permit as a noncitizen of Brazil; I have.
I guarantee that if the conservatives in the Congress told Obama that he could have amnesty for all those now here a year after a verified closing of the border, he would laugh them out of the office. The goal is open borders. Nothing less.

The never ending government dependency stream has to be maintained. Charter schools have to go as well.

Don C. Hayward
County Road
Monument Beach


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