Main Street On Thursdays - Letter

I think it is great that this town, and the Cape in general, support farmers markets. I went to the one here on Main Street a couple of years ago. I bought two tomatoes from a highly tattooed farmer with multiple piercings and a shaved head. We did not do politics. We did economics. He handed me two tomatoes and asked for $13. I complied. I can’t remember how they tasted.

Late yesterday afternoon, Thursday, my wife and I decided to go to Main Street for an early dinner. We normally park on one side, or the other, of our beautiful library. There were no spaces as I had forgotten that it was farmers market day. The street was full, as well. We decided to drive behind the stores on the south side of Main. Very full there, but two cars had formed a new row, behind the cars parked next to the building, leaving room for them to back out, and in front of the cars parked against the back of the lot, leaving room for two-way traffic in between. We pulled in adjacent to them, behind the dry cleaner and souvenir shirt store. As we exited the restaurant I noticed an orange sticker on the windshield. A $25 traffic ticket for blocking the right of way.

We love Main Street, but we will not go back on a Thursday. I feel badly for the merchants there who pay rent and taxes.

Michael G. Miller
Davisville Road
East Falmouth


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