More Than 'Lapse In Good Judgment' - Letter

I, too, read with disgust and disbelief the Facebook postings of Sandwich Town Clerk Taylor White. I struggled with “kicking a man while he is down” but not for long. This is not some random guy spewing hate speech and denigrating a particular religion; this is an elected public official and he should not get a free pass. 

I, for one, am so tired of politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) getting away with completely unacceptable behavior. In my opinion, Mr. White’s rants on FB were, without question, racist. His lame excuse that he posted after having a couple of beers is laughable. In fact, that he responded with a comment like that speaks to his lack of insight, not recognizing the seriousness of his lapse in good judgment as well as a lack of maturity.

A friend said to me, “Well, we really don’t know what was in his heart when he posted” those vile comments. Really? I know that I would never post statements like that unless I believed them in my heart to be true.

Somewhere in his being, Taylor White believes those things. What is he doing on that Facebook page anyway? The members of that page are well known for their intolerant, homophobic, xenophobic, et cetera, views (they regularly submit letters to the editors of regional newspapers). It is a place for hate. As my father used to say to me when I was a kid, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what you are.” Walks like a duck? Quacks like a duck? It’s probably a duck.

I am sure Taylor White regrets posting those ugly comments. Not because he didn’t really mean them, but because he got caught. Shame on him. And shame on those who continue to make excuses for him. How can he be trusted to be fair, objective and above board with all people? Bottom line? He cannot. Maybe Taylor White is the one who “really needs to be taught a lesson.”

Kathy A. Felt
Old County Road
East Sandwich


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