New Public Health Crisis - Letter

It would appear that right up there with the risks related to our town water supply (“Boil water” and warnings to pregnant women), the Falmouth Board of Health has determined that the latest threat to our health is pedestrians. How silly!

Yet board member George Heufelder recently declared that trucks backing up on sidewalks teeming with pedestrians and traffic pose a public safety issue apparently to justify giving trash hauler Carl Cavossa a free pass to collect trash in the middle of the night starting at 2 AM.

If garbage were piled on sidewalks like in New York City we might have a health crisis, but when did pedestrian safety come into the purview of the board of health? Isn’t cronyism wonderful?

Meanwhile, in another dark corner of town hall, the planning board is considering granting Mr. Cavossa unlimited hours at his contractor’s yard: another free pass.

Perhaps the board of health will consider closing Route 28 into Falmouth to reduce the number of tourist pedestrians for our protection. How silly of me; that would limit the amount of trash Mr. Cavossa could haul at all hours.

John S. Elliott
Scranton Avenue


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