NRC's 'Hot Potato' - Letter

The cat is finally out of the bag. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission works for Entergy and all the nuclear power corporations. The NRC is dedicated to protecting the profits and profitability of Entergy and all nuclear power corporations. Yes, the NRC has finally admitted there is no solution to storing radioactive waste. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, located in the Town of Plymouth on the shores of Cape Cod Bay and across from our two-bridge Cape Cod is now officially the nuclear waste dump for Pilgrim’s radioactive spent fuel rods. Our back yard is officially designated as a nuclear dump site forever. Indefinitely.

Yes, that’s the unanimous vote of the regulatory agency that is mandated to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the public. Ironically, The New York Times noted that chairperson MacFarlane didn’t think it was a good resolution to the ever ongoing issue of nuclear radioactive waste storage but, since “we have no crystal ball” about the future, seems she agreed this is the nicest legacy the NRC can leave our grandchildren. As for an evacuation plan for Cape Cod? It’s the criminally-hot potato (fuel rod?) being tossed between Massachusetts and the NRC. (Whose responsibility is it anyway? Well, looks like nobody’s, folks. Sleep tight!)

What can you do? Get active, get informed. On September 21 many from Falmouth, Mashpee and beyond are taking the “No Nukes! No Carbon! Green Energy NOW!” bus for NYC’s massive People’s Climate Change March to coincide with UN meetings to confront global climate change problems.

Forward-thinking Germany, France and England are closing nuclear down and investing in green renewables like solar for jobs and to protect the climate. Meanwhile, the NRC and President Obama shockingly call for licensing and building more deplorably costly nuclear power plants and nationwide dump sites. Others move ahead while America stays locked into dirty and dangerous coal, oil, gas and nuclear! Go to and find out how you can help protect the future of our children and the planet. You’ll sleep better knowing you’re doing your part.

Lillia D. Frantin
Old Main Road
North Falmouth


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