'Obama Has Failed' - Letter

Barack Obama has failed this country miserably.

He has:

Encouraged illegal immigration, used IRS to harass his political opponents.

Lowered the standard of living for many Americans.

Turned his back on our allies in Israel and Eastern Europe.

He squandered a hard-fought victory in Iraq and allowed an even more radical Islamic regime to take over that country and all the military hardware we left there.

He’s wrought havoc on the greatest medical system in the world. Ask any doctor or nurse about Obamacare.

Put this country further into debt than all other US presidents combined.

Doubled the number of people on food stamps.

Degraded the office of president and the entire country in the eyes of the international communities.

Will not negotiate or in any way work with Congress, but blame all of our problems on those nasty Republicans.

He has an incredibly corrupt Justice Department.

Impedes energy development while spending billions on inefficient green energy programs.

He will not listen to or take advice from anyone who disagrees with his agenda.

He will not so much as lift a finger to help free a veteran Marine who accidentally crossed the southern border and has spent over two months in a Mexican prison.

I could go on.

Whether it is incompetence or intentional, the Obama presidency has been a disaster for this country.

I hope we can survive the next two years!

Thomas R. Peterson
McCallum Drive


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