Opposed To Proposed Bike Park - Letter

We are in opposition to the proposed park at Ter Heun Drive and Palmer Avenue for the following reasons:

1)  This parcel was purchased by the town specifically to protect it from future development. Undeveloped open space is becoming rare particularly in congested areas. This parcel does not need to be “improved” by the presence of “the hand of man.” 

2)  We are bikers and use the bike path all the time and see no need for another “rest stop.” Within a half mile or so in each direction are existing rest stops, Bud’s Stop at Highfield Drive and “The Pagoda” at Carlson Lane, which offers refreshments. Besides there are already several other rest stops between West Falmouth and Woods Hole.

Besides the ones mentioned above there is the Little Sippewissett Marsh Overlook, a bench and view of Salt Pond just south of Locust Street crossing, and further toward Woods Hole the Trunk River location offers benches and beach rests.

3)  We are concerned about the town’s maintenance and upkeep of the area in future years as budgets and personnel become stretched.

4)  This is located at the town’s second busiest intersection. As adults we hesitate to use this crossing even with the allure of coffee and bagels across the street. Therefore increased pedestrian/bike use should not be encouraged at this location which has been alluded to by this development.

5)  Please let nature take care of this parcel, with a little annual grooming by the park department, as the town originally and wisely intended for the enjoyment of all.

Milton E. and Susan G. Williamson
West Falmouth Highway
West Falmouth


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