Part-Time Resident Comments - Letter

I wonder if [Andrew R.] Gottlieb would have won his election if people, like me, who do not live full time in Mashpee were allowed to vote. Fortunately, for him, we are denied any say in town elections.

I also wonder if Mr. Gottlieb is familiar with the expression, “taxation without representation.” Mankind has a long and very sad history of not being able to learn from history. I hope that is not the case in Mashpee, a town that I have come to love.

Peter Barbella
Great Pines Drive


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  • augustus

    I wonder which group Mr. Gottlieb will single out next to get needed money? Will it be families because their kids use the facilities more during the summer? Will it be seniors because they may need assistance from the fire & police more often? Need I go on?