'Paying It Forward'

My friend Cindy Ballentine was recuperating at the Royal Nursing Home in Falmouth, next door to St. Patrick’s Church, last fall.

The 3rd- and 4th-grade Faith Formation students gathered on the side steps of St. Patrick’s to sing to her (and any other people in rooms facing St. Patrick’s).

The children also sent Cindy cards to help her feel better.

Now six months later, Miss Cindy came to talk to the children, to thank them for their singing, prayers and cards. She also said told them that she had donated money, in their name, to the Heifer Project. She bought a beehive, rabbits and baby chicks to send to people in need. Those people in turn will share some of their animals with neighbors. A classic case of paying it forward!

The children were very attentive as Miss Cindy talked with them. One of the 3rd graders said it was the best speech she ever heard!

Linda M. Hamilton
Locustfield Road
East Falmouth


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