Pedestrian Safety A Priority - Letter

While driving on Route 130 one day, I saw a young woman with a stroller and another child in tow waiting patiently to cross to Lake Avenue to take her little ones to Attaquin Park beach. I slowed down and stopped to allow her to cross, but a car approaching from the other direction didn’t even slow down.

I write to alert people to the dangers of trying to cross that road, and with the kids out of school now, how I fear the potential tragedies. More so, I want to point out the failure of the Town of Mashpee to take pedestrian safety seriously.

That particular crosswalk needs not only to be repainted regularly, but provided with adequate signage. I have seen in other towns stanchions in the middle of streets with such high pedestrian traffic. Another tragedy waiting to happen is in front of the Shell station and convenience store. That screams for a crosswalk, as does the intersection of 130 and Cotuit Road.

I strongly urge the board of selectmen to act on this before a tragedy happens. Set the DPW to this task without delay.

Leigh Potter
Lovells Lane


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