Question 1 Not Well Balanced

Despite a lot of talk to the contrary, no federal or state agency is requiring we sewer now. Don’t take my word or theirs. Check it out for yourself. The regulators are requiring we work on cleaning up our estuaries, all of them, not just Little Pond, not how we do it. Much work by the committee went into Falmouth’s comprehensive plan that was approved by the state and others, and that plan clearly says alternatives as well as sewers, but only after Town Meeting asked for alternatives to be added.

We have the time to explore alternatives and not get into trouble. Why choose the most expensive option in this plan before we see if others will work not only as well but maybe better (remember the sewer won’t clean all the nitrogen from Little Pond).


Many have said we can only trust proven methods and have been saying that since the 1930s. Be honest, how many things can you think of that haven’t basically changed since the 1930s that you would want to go out and buy now? When you make that next cellphone call or surf the Internet, think how much we take for granted today that was not only not proven but not even thought of in 1930.

We have been told this is a balanced plan, and the wastewater committee has put in a lot of work, but how many of the alternatives have they actually looked at, when the one member of the committee asking for alternatives can’t even get a second from the committee? How balanced is that?

I fail to see what is being asked for in Question 1 as a balanced solution with a few million for an alternative and 10 times as much for sewers. Town Meeting voted for this article so that it would go to the ballot and be decided by the people of Falmouth who will have to pay for it. Your vote on Question 1 will impact you and our town for years to come. Please take the time to ask if this is the right plan for now.

Leslie R. Lichtenstein
Boxberry Hill Road


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