Racist Allegations Unfounded - Letter

Please allow me to address Mr. [William F.] Grant’s public statements published in The Bourne Enterprise that are supposed to  show that the motivation of the Bourne Board of Selectmen in opposing the federal government’s resettlement process is racially motivated.

Mr. Grant describes in some detail how state official Kurt Schwartz’s statements regarding the children should be taken as factual. He further states that a Memorandum of Agreement would be signed by the parties concerned.  One need only recall the history of the feds’ payment for military children in the Bourne schools as motivation not to sign said memorandum or anything else generated by the feds.

Mr. Grant then makes serious charges against those who spoke in support of the board of selectmen. Mr. Grant says that “they uttered some of the most racist and hateful comments I have ever heard at a public meeting.”


Can you be a little more specific Mr. Grant? After all, if you have the “racist hateful comments” burned into your brain, what were they? They are your charges, Mr. Grant. The least you can do as an “alleged” trained attorney is to specify the language used. You were there, I guess.

Mr. Grant then goes on  to suggest that, and I quote: “If racial hostility was not the reason for the letter, the selectmen should say so and revise their position.”

I would ask Mr. Grant when was the last time that a person or board had to prove to Mr. Grant that he is not a racist? I would suggest to the “alleged" trained attorney, that since Mr. Grant is making the charge to include the board of selectmen, that it is incumbent on Mr. Grant to show why the content of the letter is racist or is in fact, motivated by racial animus. Please, Mr. Grant, show us all the “evidence” any evidence, of racial animus other than your own subjective definition of racial bias.

As Mr. Grant is well aware, it is a fool's game to try and prove a negative.

In conclusion, I would be happy to contribute personally to a defamation suit against Mr. Grant for defamatory statements of racism against the board of selectmen and other unnamed residents of the Town of Bourne.

Don C. Hayward
County Road
Monument Beach


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