Recycling Plastic Bags - Letter

I would think that most of us are in favor of recycling for many reasons. Just in last week’s Enterprise there was the concern for retail store plastic bags. What I find interesting about those bags is, from what I see locally, that only the grocery stores have a receptacle to return them. I am not sure if our local recycle collector accepts them or not. And if they don’t, they should!

Since we all do our part, the effort to recycle seems to get more challenging, at least for me. As I drive around town on trash day especially, I tend to see more and more blue recycle bins. For some as many as four and five.

Which for me means more trips to the street. Its those gallon jugs of water we are buying more of, because we like the water and because of the poor quality of town water. Because the volume of plastics is increasing, the recycle containers should. Like the plastic trash cans on wheels for example. They must be at least equal three of four of the regular bins, plus the fact that they have wheels, make it a little easier to bring to the street, as well as less trips. It may also prevent the wind from blowing the items out of the bins we have now, creating another nuisance. Perhaps with a different receptacle may come a renewed interest to recycle, and less plastic on the street.   

Thomas A. Collini
Sandwich Road
East Falmouth     


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