Sewer Project Is A Con Game - Letter

The water quality committee leaders and their adherents really should stop spewing nonsense. It’s bad enough they ran this Little Pond sewer con game on us, but to act as if this is some great benefit is just rubbing our faces in the dirt of their financial destruction of families in the affected neighborhoods.

Raymond Jack, the DPW director, spit out a few of them at the recent meeting of affected homeowners. He claims as a benefit homeowners will be able to add on to their homes. Really? After being gouged for some 30 or more thousand dollars in “betterment” and usage fees they’re going to go deeper into debt to build a room? I really kinda doubt that.

Then he says the quality of the pond will improve. Maybe. But so what? Who benefits? The handful of homeowners on the shore of the pond who told the committee that they didn’t want the inlet widened? Do the rest of us get to cross over their property to enjoy the pond? And by the way, why did the committee bow to the demands of that small group without asking the rest of us about inlet widening?

And then Mr. Jack notes that homeowners won’t have to rebuild their leach fields, at 10 grand. Really? Better 10 grand every 20 years than this brutal and destructive project the committee came up with for a hundred bucks a month forever.

Mr. Turkington and Ms. Valiela babbled out the same senseless arguments over the past year. Maybe it’s time to stop letting people who think they are the entitled governing elite run things? Neither of these seem to have the faintest clue about the damage their policies will do to homeowners. Nor care, really.

Mr.Turkington used to go on about how the sewer would increase the value of the property. Never mentioned that the increase naturally means paying more tax in addition to all the other costs. “Estimated” costs, of course. And that line about no tax increase, because of the debt retirement? Yeah, we could have had a tax decrease, so pretty much no due decrease isn’t largely different from an increase.

And it doesn’t matter how you say it, “betterment” is nothing more than a tax increase applied to a small set of property owners, and implemented through a politically cynical, if not outright dishonest, joke of an election process pushed by the committee principals.

And finally, is the Enterprise going to track home sales in the sewer ripoff area? And keep track of which real estate companies benefit? And which companies benefit from doing installations? And what the relations of those companies are to people in town government? Now, that could actually be considered real journalism.

Richard M. Gerace
Alma Road


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