Shame On Town Of Bourne - Letter

Regarding our town’s supposed opposition to immigrant children in a detention center on the base:

It continues to astonish me the length that some in the most privileged population in the world will go to to denigrate those without and to justify their own sense of superiority and greed. That they can extend this level of vitriol toward a population of destitute children can only be explained by their being in the grip of a media- and corporate-induced sense of insecurity.

I wonder how many of these people felt a swelling of national pride after 9/11 whenever they saw an image of the Statue of Liberty, and who would now desecrate the poem inscribed at its base. Or how many believe this to be a Christian nation, a religion whose central tenant is “Love God with all your heart.” And the second is similar: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I’ve never been more ashamed of my home town. What a way to tarnish what should be a celebratory Canaliversary this week.

Jay D. O’Hara
Clay Pond Road
Monument Beach


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