Significant Repercussions

The board of selectmen candidates are gearing up to answer the public’s questions. Topping the ballot issues are many hefty price tagged items that unfortunately have been lumped together under the guise of “water quality management.” The point is that policies and practices are set by selectmen. Good or bad, these policies and practices pose significant repercussions to core community values.


Recall last year selectmen presented their intention to remove the town’s wind turbines. The planning board, finance committee and almost two-thirds Town Meeting voters gave their support to the initiative based upon recognized adverse community repercussions.

A year later, the selectmen’s wind position policy has dramatically changed. The board instead now sues the zoning board of appeals for upholding the very same core community values for which it had campaigned. The reason for the position change is a question best posed to sitting selectmen. But such a reversal of policy position requires critical appraisal when assessing new candidates. Will the next set of selectmen be susceptible to such flip-flopping?   

Many things have changed since last May’s ballot. One thing that hasn’t is that Falmouth citizens still have questions about the selectmen’s wind position and repercussions. Like whether the state’s $1.8 million wind relief award is simply extortion money? Or whether this wind issue that has fractured the community to its core should be so easily bought off and swept under the rug?

The answers pose significant repercussions.  

Mark J. Cool
Fire Tower Road
West Falmouth


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