Speed Bumps For Maravista? - Letter

Has anyone considered installing one or more speed tables as an option for that long raceway of Maravista Avenue? Those infamous speed tables placed on School Street in Woods Hole have made a huge impact on drivers flying down that road. Controversial as they were in getting approved, they have made the neighborhood safer for all—children, animals and bikers (to name a few). I haven’t seen any recent dents in the guardrail that catches those speeding down Quissett Avenue where it rounds a curve and becomes School Street.

Perhaps placing a couple of these tables at strategic locations as you get closer to Menauhant Road might be a consideration. After all, if you hit one of those tables going over 25 miles per hour, it is a real wake-up call that would jar any unsuspecting (and perhaps drunk) driver. Hitting the second one would most certainly wake them before they hit the water.

I have real trouble imagining boulders placed on the beach to stop the cars as boulders might kill the driver (especially as many drunk drivers fail to wear their seat belts). I think approval of these tables through the town governing process might be a little easier now that the village of Woods Hole has “broken in the idea.”

Susan M. Houghton
Gifford Street


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