Support Sandwich Town Clerk - Letter

There is an overreaction taking place. I believe Taylor White’s Facebook post was made in jest, and the Sandwich Democratic Committee’s reaction is extreme. Mr. White is not vilifying Sandwich citizens.

It seems that whatever anyone says might offend someone. Removing a sign with “bacon” in it is ridiculous. Will supermarkets be unable to advertise beef in fear of offending vegetarians? No more Christmas or Yom Kippur because it might offend Muslims?

I believe that since 1972 there have been 40 separate terrorist acts by extremist Muslims on US soil, including 9/11—2,996 innocents killed, the Boston Marathon bombing and the killing of the MIT police officer in April 2013, thousands of non-Muslims killed worldwide by Muslim extremists. Muslim, ‘the religion of peace.” I don’t know whose “peace” they refer to. ISIS say that they will not stop until all Christians and Jews are eliminated and all peoples are converted to Islam. I understand that not all Muslims are extreme. The majority are peaceful people.

America was founded on freedom of religion and freedom of speech. I think that the Sandwich Democratic Committee is being radical and extreme asking for his resignation.

Dennis G. Wiehe
Shady Oak Lane
East Sandwich


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