Taylor White Story Overblown - Letter

A recent front page article in the Enterprise regarding Sandwich town clerk Taylor White caught my attention. Please file it as “much ado about nothing.” Reportedly Taylor’s remarks were in response to a newspaper article regarding a restaurant owner in Vermont who removed a sign advertising bacon that was felt to be offensive to Muslims. This issue stems from an alleged complaint from a self-described “vegan/Muslim.”

My guess is that this individual was no more Muslim than Elizabeth Warren is Native American. I would also suspect that the restaurant owner is a throwback from the ’60s who thinks he’s doing the world a favor with his political correctness. Unfortunately, all he did was elicit further ridicule toward the Muslim community.

The resultant furor and picketing at the town hall annex by a few members of the Democratic Town Committee was offensive to me. I cannot imagine individuals so hateful as to try to take away Taylor’s livelihood for the sake of political expediency. At least one of these picketers labeled Taylor a racist and that has to be the epitome of hypocrisy and a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. In my opinion most people who drop the race card are racists themselves. The only saving grace in the whole show was that it was gratifying to know that the picketers wasted a day of their lives in their misguided attempts to embarrass Taylor. I am sure they didn’t sway one person’s opinion.

Bruce A. Jillson
Carleton Drive East
East Sandwich


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