The 300 Committee's Role In Club Purchase - Letter

The August 1st and August 15th news reports on the Falmouth Country Club (FCC) included statements about the town’s debt service obligation for the country club through 2035 and The 300 Committee’s (T3C) contribution toward the FCC land acquisition. There was considerable confusion generated by the reference to a “300 Committee contribution for golf operations” and the inference that funding from T3C was being used to shore up the golf course’s revenue deficit.

The 300 Committee issued a corrective statement to the Enterprise for the August 8 edition to clarify that T3C raised $3 million privately to support the town’s $15.8 million purchase of the Falmouth Country Club property and surrounding land. This land purchase, completed in 2005, provided for the permanent protection of 238 acres of valuable open space and wildlife corridors while also allowing the 177-acre golf course to function as a municipal course. As part of the FCC land transaction, the town granted a permanent conservation restriction to T3C on the 177-acre golf course. The conservation restriction was finalized and recorded in 2006; subsequently,

T3C provided the town with five $600,000 installment payments through 2011 to fulfill the $3 million pledge for the land acquisition.

The town has confirmed that the $3 million contribution from T3C is being used solely for its intended purpose—land acquisition—as the funds are drawn down to cover a portion of the annual debt service associated with the town’s purchase of the country club. The 300 Committee has no role in the operation of the golf course. This is quite an important clarification as the intent of T3C’s donors was to provide important support to ensure that this town resource is permanently protected for open space conservation and recreation in Falmouth. The town’s acquisition of the country club is one example of many successful land protection projects that have been completed through the partnership efforts of the Town of Falmouth and The 300 Committee.

Leonard W. Johnson
The 300 Committee

Jessica K. Whritenour
The 300 Committee


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