Truth about the Turf

Recently a letter appeared in this newspaper regarding concerns with the All-Purpose Community Athletic Field being proposed to be built in Falmouth and the subject of Question 3 on the May 20 ballot.

The information in the source of the article referenced in the letter as fact is outdated. Today’s technology in the building of artificial fields has vastly improved and is environmentally safe. Since our committee began this project over two years ago, over 60 artificial turf fields have been built in Massachusetts. This includes one at each Barnstable, Monomoy and Duxbury high schools as well as three at Plymouth North and two at Marshfield.


There has been much misinformation communicated about this project, specifically, the maintenance and the life of an artificial surface as well as the replacement cost. The cost of the first four years of maintenance and the grooming equipment have been written into the cost of the project and in subsequent years it will cost approximately $10,000, which includes the painting of the lines for all the sports that will play on this field (soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and football). The town presently spends $7,000 a year on the preparation and lining of the football field at Guv Fuller and that is for just one sport. Fields installed today are projected to last 12 to 15 years and the proposed materials that would be used are fully recyclable and, according to the manufacturer of the turf product, the replacement cost will be approximately $400,000.

In addition to the field, this project includes lighting, fencing, bleachers, a press box with an ADA approved lift, a concession/bathroom building, a grass practice field and renovations to existing locker rooms. The project has received very competitive bids and is shovel ready.

As a committee, we have worked hard to keep the cost of this project to the taxpayer reasonable. We have raised almost $1.2 million on a total project cost of $2.8 million. The cost for the average house valued at

$400,000 will be a one time fee of about $60.

There will always be needs that the town has to address each year but this project is long overdue. This project will make many people happy and it is one that Falmouth can be proud of.

All-Purpose Community Field Advisory Committee
Robert Antonucci 
Karen Bissonnette 
Patrick Callahan  
Sandra Cuny  
Michael Duffany  
James Kalperis
Jamie MacDonald
Joe Martinho
Jeff Rubino
Robert Wilsterman


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