Ugly Words Were Offensive - Letter

A blandly titled article published recently in the Enterprise upset me terribly. The incredibly disturbing part comes at the end of the article, as if an afterthought. According to the article, regarding the recent elections in town, specifically regarding the school committee race, a candidate for office was called n*gger or “related racial slur” 24-plus times. The hate speech was overheard by fellow town candidates, with no response noted.

This intimidating hate speech, at a town election, on town land, in a “No Place For Hate” community, anywhere, is unacceptable. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., people should feel free to practice their civic responsibility in a civil atmosphere.

“None of us are free unless we are all free.”—Martin Luther  King Jr.

Kalliope E. Egloff
South Sandwich Road


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