Using 'Rich' As An Insult? - Letter

Selectman Andrew Gottlieb proposes that vacation home owners pay more property taxes because they can afford it. Mr. Richard Cook has framed his fight with Poppy Island residents as “local” v. “wealthy.” These are trickle-down examples in our community of our president’s policy of creating an Us v. Them mentality in this country to further his income redistribution agenda. There will always be disparities in wealth and because one has more, it does not mean that one has less. 

Now “wealthy” and “rich” slide off the tongue as insults, as if anyone with more stole it or could not possibly have earned it. Is this who we want to be as a people, as a nation? I was brought up to believe that hard study and hard work will always provide access to more,  and that it was the goal of each generation to better themselves, and to not rely on the government except in dire circumstances. I still believe that to be true.

Richard Wunder
Frog Pond Close


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  • fastestmz3

    Your lack of knowledge regarding Mr. Cook is only surpassed by the utter foolishness of your letter. If you actually paid any attention whatsoever to the facts of the case you might be qualified to comment. You are entitled to your opinion but not to your own facts. Facts are something they keep hidden in books.