Vote For Mr. Ellis

I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen of Sandwich who has been disheartened by what has transpired over these past six weeks. My working philosophy generally is that people, at any given time, are doing the best they can possibly do. In this case, however, their best is not enough.


It is vital that our selectmen be transparent in their actions and forthcoming in their decision-making. Party affiliation and ideology should not trump committed public service for the well-being of all.

I am strongly supporting Patrick Ellis’s candidacy for selectman. For me, Patrick is a public servant extraordinaire. His background as former head of public works, selectman in our town, and his work in the private sector have honed his skill as a pragmatic manager. His consistent presence at Town Meetings, where he speaks to issues in a thoughtful and knowledgeable way, is a reflection of the man.

His devotion to our town, his incredible work ethic, and his can-do attitude will serve him well in his role as our next selectman. In closing, I ask that you vote for Patrick Ellis as selectman.

Marie A. Jellinek
Great Bend Road
East Sandwich


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