Vote Yes On Question 1

Having been the selectmen’s liaison to the town of Falmouth’s in-house Nutrient Management Committee for eight of the nine years I served as a selectman, I am well versed in the intricacies of developing a plan for moving forward on this first phase of sewering. What is before you is a well thought-out, well developed, constructive plan.


There are alternative “Technology Vendors” out there who would like to use Falmouth as a proving ground for their products. They may well have a product that when used in an appropriate scaled project, shows some level of benefit. This is not that project!

The reality is that we have all contributed to the problem of the degeneration of our coastal estuaries. What is before you on Tuesday is your turn to have the courage to trust the water quality management committee’s work and begin the process, long overdue, of guaranteeing for future generations of Falmouth citizens an environment that they can be proud of. We really need to move this process forward.

Trust me on this one; in the long run any delay will cost the taxpayer more money. Citizens of Falmouth, it’s your turn. Vote yes on question one.

Carey M. Murphy
Ostrom Road


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